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Tulsa Women's March for Equality : MMJ Reporter

People who participated in Tulsa's third annual Women's March for Equality explain why they think what they do now will impact the next generation, and you get a look at some of the creative signs.

Will Rogers/Wiley Post Fly-In : MMJ Reporter


Over 100 pilots took to the skies in Will's honor this weekend at the Will Rogers/Wiley Post Fly-In. One of those pilots is Will's great-great-grandson who has been flying for as long as he can remember.

Beach Street Volleyball Tournament : MMJ Reporter

You won't have to travel far to go to the beach this weekend, in fact, you can find one in the middle of downtown Tulsa.

Medlam Competition : MMJ Reporter

Medical students at OU-Tulsa and OSU CHS take their rivalry to the flag football field, but they all end up winners because the competition is for a much greater cause. 

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